Frederick Law Olmsted NHS, Brookline MA. Faux-finish of 19th Century pebble-dash stucco in the Plant Room, as well as faux-bois treatment of doors in the Main Hall and office at Fairsted for the National Park Service, 2011- 2012.

Conservation of interior bronze painted finishes finishes at the Federal Hall National Monument in New York City. Scope of work included cleaning and local in-painting of cast-iron doors, hand-rails and balusters; and also included stripping, priming and re-glazing of stair-rails throughout to match existing finishes. In association with AM Art Conservation, LLC, 2010 - 2011.

Frederic Law Olmsted NHS, Brookline MA. On-site testing and preparation of samples for recreation of decorative finishes in two rooms, 2010.

Alton National Cemetery Monument, Alton, IL. On site aesthetic reintegration of recent repairs made to this outdoor national monument for the Veterans Association,  2010.

Hampton National Historic Site, Baltimore, MD for the National Park Service. Re-creation of faux marble finishes in the Great Hall and wood-graining treatment in the Slave Quarters on the Hampton Estate, 2009.

Glenmont, the Thomas Edison home in West Orange, NJ. Reconstruction of 19C stippled walls at for the National Park Service, 2007.   

                        Preliminary Samples for faux-finishing of pebble-dash stucco walls  at Frederick Law Olmsted, NHS, Brookline, MA. 2011

                                                  Detail of Plant Room faux-finishes at Frederick Law Olmsted, NHS, December 2011

                                          During treatment, cleaning and in-painting finishes on a cast-iron door at Federal Hall, 2011

                                              Before treatment and after treatment details of cast-iron doors, Federal Hall, 2011

                                                           Re-glazing hand-rails to match existing finishes, Federal Hall, 2011

                                          Before and after treatments of baseboards, recreation of 18th C. marbleizing at Hampton NHS, 2009

                                                                 Great Hall baseboards after treatment, Hampton NHS, 2009

                                          Before and after treatment wood-graining treatment at the Slave Quarters, Hampton NHS, 2009

                                          Before and after aesthetic reintegration of columns at Alton National Cemetery, Alton, IL, 2010

                                                      Front right side of monument after treatment. Restoration was throughout

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